10 years of carrying out Science with, and for, the people

The impacts of our science are recognised by society through our scientific productivity as well as by the development of technology-based products intended for healthy eating, including products of animal origin.

Technological Products

We highlight our creation AluProt-CGNA®, a “sweet” lupin oriented to the vegetal protein market, natural, and with high biological value. It has 60% whey protein (BMS) and an excellent profile of essential amino acids and antioxidants. That is why now it is the basis of many technological products that are in the development phase or already in the market, such as: dairy substitute for calves, premix for healthy bread, omega-3 eggs, high-protein rice flour, amongst others.

Given the business model, driven around this protein, with a strong social commitment, AluProt-CGNA® was recognized by the National Award of Innovation, AVONNI 2014.

Also highlighting our two new flax varieties: Kallfu-CGNA and Nutram-CGNA, both designed to produce high quality vegetable oils. Nutram-CGNA, was also developed with a profile of specific bioactive compounds, which through extrusion of its seeds enables the production of eggs with enhanced omega-3 levels.

First  Spin-Out: NG-Seeds SA

NG-Seeds is a technology-based enterprise incubated by CGNA. At the moment, it is comprised of five Mapuche cooperatives and open to new partners who wish to participate.

NG-Seeds holds licenses for the commercialisation of AluProt-CGNA®, but also requests and receives CGNA technology for its cooperatives and farmers. Today, it has products of high nutritional quality, with added value, present in various markets such as animal feed (salmon, poultry, ruminants, major and minor) and human food.

NG-Seeds is a social innovation that represents the commitment of CGNA: that the benefits of science funded from public resources are captured by people.